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No. Chapter Harmonized System Code Description
HS Code 1602 160210 Homogenized prepared meat, offal or blood, put up for retail sale as infant food or for dietetic purposes, in con… .
HS Code 1602 160220 Preparations of liver of any animal (excl. sausages and similar products and finely homogenized preparations put … .
HS Code 1602 160231 Meat or offal of turkeys "Gallus domesticus", prepared or preserved (excl. sausages and similar products, and fin… .
HS Code 1602 160232 Meat or offal of fowls of the species "Gallus domesticus", prepared or preserved (excl. of meat or offal of turke… .
HS Code 1602 160239 Prepared or preserved meat or meat offal of ducks, geese and guinea fowl of the species domesticus (excl. sausage… .
HS Code 1602 160241 Hams and cuts thereof, prepared or preserved .
HS Code 1602 160242 Prepared or preserved shoulders and cuts thereof, of swine .
HS Code 1602 160249 Prepared or preserved meat and offal of swine, incl. mixtures (excl. hams, shoulders and cuts thereof, sausages a… .
HS Code 1602 160250 Prepared or preserved meat or offal of bovine animals (excl. sausages and similar products, finely homogenized pr… .
HS Code 1602 160290 Prepared or preserved meat, offal or blood (excl. meat or offal of poultry, swine and bovine animals, sausages an… .
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