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[90] HS Code 9006 Photographic still cameras, flash apparatus(not discharge lamps of 8539); parts & accessories
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900610  Cameras for preparing printing plates or cylinders
900620  Cameras for recording documents on microfilm or microfiche or other microforms
900630  Cameras designed for special use, underwater, aerial survey, etc
900640  Instant print cameras
900651  Single lens reflex ( SLR ) cameras, for roll film of width<=35mm
900652  Other cameras, for roll film of width<=35mm
900653  Other cameras, for roll film of width=35mm
900659  Other photographic cameras
900661  Photographic discharge lamp ( electronic ) flashlight apparatus
900662  Flashbulbs, flashcubes & the like
900669  Other photographic flashlight apparatus
900691  Parts & accessories for photographic cameras
900699  Parts & accessories of photo flashlight apparatus & flashbulbs

HS code is a standardized multi-functional system to classify goods, universally applied by governments of all countries, international organizations and individuals in many other fields, such as domestic tax, trade policy, price control, quota control, budgeting, and economic research and analysis. Therefore HS Code becomes a universally recognized classification standard and economic language.


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