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[90] HS Code 9013 Liquid crystal devices, lasers (not laser diodes); optical appliances & instruments; parts & accessories telescopic sights, periscopes, magnifying glasses, loupes, thread counters, door viewers
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901310  Telescopic sights for fitting to arms; periscopes; telescopes, etc
901320  Lasers, other than laser diodes
901380  Other liquid crystal devices; other optical appliances & instruments
901390  Parts & accessories of liquid crystal devices, lasers, other optical appliances & instruments

HS code is a standardized multi-functional system to classify goods, universally applied by governments of all countries, international organizations and individuals in many other fields, such as domestic tax, trade policy, price control, quota control, budgeting, and economic research and analysis. Therefore HS Code becomes a universally recognized classification standard and economic language.


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Y : 480 / T : 517 / M : 2,784 / A : 1,701,204