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HS Code List - Harmonized System Code Descriptions
[85]  HS Code 8501 Electric motors and generators (no generating sets)
[85]  HS Code 8502 Electric generating sets and rotary converters
[85]  HS Code 8503 Parts for electric motors, generators(including sets), rotary converters
[85]  HS Code 8504 Electric transformers, static converters & inductors; parts thereof rectifiers
[85]  HS Code 8505 Electromagnets; permanent magnets, articles to become permanent magnets; magnet chucks, clamps, couplings, clutches, brakes, electromagnetic l…
[85]  HS Code 8506 Primary cells and primary batteries
[85]  HS Code 8507 Electric storage batteries, including separators thereof; parts thereof
[85]  HS Code 8508 Electromechanical tools for working in hand with self-contained electric motor; parts thereof drills, saws, grinders, polishers, sanders, scre…
[85]  HS Code 8509 Electro-mechanical domestic appliances with self-contained electric motor; parts thereof vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, food processors, hu…
[85]  HS Code 8510 Shavers, hair clippers & hair-removing appliances, with self-contained electric motor
[85]  HS Code 8511 Electrical ignition/starting equipment; generators and cut-outs; parts thereof ignition magnetos, magneto-dynamos, ignition coils, spark plugs…
[85]  HS Code 8512 Electrical lighting or signalling equipment (not 8539); windshield wipers, defrosters, demisters for cycles, motor vehicles; parts thereof hor…
[85]  HS Code 8513 Portable electric lamps (not 8512) with own energy source lamps, flashlights
[85]  HS Code 8514 Industrial or laboratory electric furnaces & ovens; other industrial or laboratory equipment for the heat treatment of materials by induction …
[85]  HS Code 8515 Electric, laser or other light or photon beam, ultrasonic, electron beam, magnetic pulse or plasma arc soldering, brazing or welding machines;…
[85]  HS Code 8516 Electric heating/drying water, space, soil, hair, hand & domestic appliances; electric heating resistors hair dryers, curlers, curling tongs, …
[85]  HS Code 8517 Electric apparatus for line telephony or telegraphy telephone sets, teleprinters, modems, facsimile machines
[85]  HS Code 8518 Microphones & stands; loudspeakers, headphones, earphones; audio-frequency & sound amplifiers; parts thereof
[85]  HS Code 8519 Turntables, record & cassette players, other sound reproducers (not with recording device) compact disc players
[85]  HS Code 8520 Magnetic tape & other sound recorders
[85]  HS Code 8521 Video recording or reproducing apparatus
[85]  HS Code 8522 Parts & accessories of sound/video recording or reproducing equipment of 8519-8521
[85]  HS Code 8523 Prepared unrecorded media (no film) for sound etc.
[85]  HS Code 8524 Recorded sound media records, tapes, cassettes, master records, metal matrices, compact discs
[85]  HS Code 8525 Transmission apparatus for radio-telephony, radio-telegraphy, radio-broadcasting or television; television cameras, etc
[85]  HS Code 8526 Radar apparatus, radio navigational aid & remote control apparatus
[85]  HS Code 8527 Reception apparatus for radio-telephony, radio-telegraphy or radio-broadcasting
[85]  HS Code 8528 Television receivers video monitors, video projection television receivers
[85]  HS Code 8529 Parts for television, radio and radar apparatus of 8525 to 8528
[85]  HS Code 8530 Electrical signaling, safety or traffic control equipment, equipment for railways, streetcar lines, subways, roads, inland waterways, parking …
[85]  HS Code 8531 Electrical sound or visual signaling apparatus (not 8512, 8530); parts thereof : bells, sirens, indicator panels, burglar alarms, fire alarms;…
[85]  HS Code 8532 Electrical capacitors, fixed, variable or adjustable : parts thereof
[85]  HS Code 8533 Electrical resistors, (not heating resistors); parts thereof rheostats, potentiometers
[85]  HS Code 8534 Printed circuits
[85]  HS Code 8535 Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, for electrical connection over 1000 volts switches, fuses, lightening ar…
[85]  HS Code 8536 Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, for electrical connection not over 1000 volts switches, relays, fuses, s…
[85]  HS Code 8537 Boards, panels, consoles, desks, cabinets, etc with electrical switching apparatus etc. of 8536 or 8536
[85]  HS Code 8538 Parts for electrical switching apparatus of 8535,8536,8537
[85]  HS Code 8539 Electrical filament or discharge lamps; parts thereof sealed beam lamp units, ultraviolet lamps, infrared lamps, arc lamps
[85]  HS Code 8540 Thermionic, cold cathode or photocathode tubes, parts thereof vacuum/vapor/gas filled tubes, mercury arc rectifying tubes, cathode-ray tubes, …
[85]  HS Code 8541 Semiconductor devices; light-emitting diodes; mounted piezoelectric crystals; parts thereof diodes, transistors, photosensitive semiconductor …
[85]  HS Code 8542 Electronic integrated circuits & microassemblies; parts thereof
[85]  HS Code 8543 Electrical machines & apparatus with individual functions; parts thereof particle accelerators, signal generators, electroplating, electrolysi…
[85]  HS Code 8544 Insulated wire, cable & other insulated electric conductors; optical fibre cables, made up of individually sheathed fibres
[85]  HS Code 8545 Carbon electrodes & brushes, lamp & battery carbons; other articles of carbon/graphite for electrical purposes electrodes, brushes
[85]  HS Code 8546 Electrical insulators of any material
[85]  HS Code 8547 Insulating fittings for electrical machines, appliances or equipment; electrical conduit tubing & joints thereof, of base metal lined with ins…
[85]  HS Code 8548 Waste & scrap of primary cells, etc; other electrical parts of machinery or apparatus
HS Code Search - Enter HS Code or Keywords
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