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HS Code List - Harmonized System Code Descriptions
[82]  HS Code 8201 Handtools, tools & base metal parts thereof used in agriculture, horticulture, forestry spades, picks, hoes, forks, axe, secateurs, sickles, s…
[82]  HS Code 8202 Handsaws & metal parts thereof saw blades
[82]  HS Code 8203 Files, rasps, pliers, metal cutting shears, bolt cutters, punches and similar handtools
[82]  HS Code 8204 Hand-operated spanners, wrenches & base metal parts thereof torque meter wrenches, socket wrenches
[82]  HS Code 8205 Other handtools & base metal parts thereof (not parts/accessories of machine tools) blow torches; vises, clamps, anvils, portable forges, grin…
[82]  HS Code 8206 Sets of tools (2 or more) of 8202 to 8205 for retail sale
[82]  HS Code 8207 Interchangeable tools for handtools or machinetools for pressing, stamping, punching, tapping, threading, drilling, boring, broaching, milling…
[82]  HS Code 8208 Knives and cutting blades, for machines or for mechanical appliances
[82]  HS Code 8209 Plates, sticks, tips for tools (not mounted) of sintered metal carbides or cemets
[82]  HS Code 8210 Hand-operated mechanical appliances weighing 10kg or less & base metal parts thereof for preparing, conditioning, serving food or drink
[82]  HS Code 8211 Knives with cutting blades, serrated or not, excl. knives of heading 82.08, & blades therefor
[82]  HS Code 8212 Razors, razor blades and base metal parts thereof
[82]  HS Code 8213 Scissors, tailors shears & similar shears/blades and base metal parts thereof
[82]  HS Code 8214 Other articles of cutlery; manicure or pedicure sets & instruments; base metal parts thereof hair clippers, butchers or kitchen cleavers, chop…
[82]  HS Code 8215 Tableware & kitchenware and base metal parts thereof spoons, forks, ladles, skimmers, cake-servers, fish-knives, butter-knives, sugar tongs
HS Code Search - Enter HS Code or Keywords
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