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HS Code List - Harmonized System Code Descriptions
[7]  HS Code 0701 Potatoes, fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0702 Tomatoes, fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0703 Onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and other alliaceous vegetables, fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0704 Cabbages, cauliflowers, kohlrabi, kale and similar edible brassicas, fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0705 Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) and chicory(Cichorium spp.) fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0706 Carrots, turnips, salad beetroot, salsify, celeriac, radishes and similar edible roots, fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0707 Cucumbers and gherkins, fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0708 Leguminous vegetables, shelled or unshelled, fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0709 Other vegetables, fresh or chilled
[7]  HS Code 0710 Vegetables(uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water), frozen
[7]  HS Code 0711 Vegetables provisionally preserved(for example, by sulphur dioxide gas, in brine, in sulphur water or in other preservative solutions), but un…
[7]  HS Code 0712 Dried vegetables, whole, cut, sliced, broken or in powder, but not further prepared
[7]  HS Code 0713 Dried leguminous vegetables, shelled, whether or not skinned or split
[7]  HS Code 0714 Manioc, arrowroot, salep, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes and similar roots and tubers with high starch or inulin content, fresh, chilled…
HS Code Search - Enter HS Code or Keywords
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Y : 505 / T : 505 / M : 2,784 / A : 1,712,693